My Only Regrets Are That I Didn’t Invest Sooner and More

Over the past few days, I started compiling a list with all my investments dating back to 2017 which I decided to share here. It was quite tricky as it seems that banking applications only allow scrolling through data from the past 2 years, give or take.

Before you proceed…

There are no shortcuts to take and no preferential treatments to benefit from, but some people will suspect you of both once you start doing these things.

Reaching the senior software engineer title is something many of us pursue and strive to achieve. When I started my career in 2016, this seemed like the sun behind the sea — something to admire, but a million miles away.

I asked all my senior teammates how they did it…

A glance into how big corporations, small companies, startups, and ultimately us might work and cooperate in the future

We will develop a much greater overview of what works and what doesn’t and simply what’s possible — in most cases, we dream small because we don’t know the possibilities out there.


We are more than a year deep in this whole pandemic situation. In the beginning, it wasn’t that…

If something is important for you, you will do the same great job just like you did before

I said (to myself) I will write this article when I achieve the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification so here we are. This article is not about tech or business, but about a way of thinking which can dramatically improve everything else.

First of all, what does the certification even…

Andrei Stefanie

Optimist, tech enthusiast, engineer. Passionate about learning, building, and sharing great things

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